Monuments of the Western World (MOWW)

In 1975 I started work on a series of 18 photographic silk screens on canvas of freeway interchanges and bridges. These were shown at six institutions during 1976 as a bi-centenial exhibit. The sponsor was the Addison Gallery of American Art at Phillips Academy in Andover Massachusetts. The process is the standard four color process-Yellow, Magenta, Cyan and Black. The canvas sizes are 66"x46" and the image sizes are 60"x40". They have a 14 line half tone screen, which means there are 14 dots in a linear inch in the image. Each canvas is numbered in edition of 5. Some of the editions were not completed and some were printed with 1 or 2 artist proofs. There is a catalog which was published by the Addison Gallery of American art. I believe the catalog is currently out of print.

MOWW #1 --- I-5 and I-405, Portland Oregon MOWW #2 --- Bridge on I-794, Milwaukee, Wisconsin MOWW #3 - Entrance to the Embarcadero Freeway, San Francisco MOWW #4 - I-55 and I-70, East St. Louis, Illinois

MOWW #5 ---I-10. Ontario, California MOWW #6 - Lion's Gate Bridge, Vancouver, B.C. Canada MOWW #7 --- I-20 and I-45, Dallas, Texas MOWW #8 --- I-280, Bridge over Mississippi River, Davenport

MOWW #9 --- I-71, Bridge on Ohio River, Cincinnati, Ohio MOWW #10 --- I-280, I-680, U.S. 101, San Jase, California MOWW #11 --- I-5, I-405, Portland, Oregon (second shot) MOWW #12 --- I-35, I-70, Kansas City, Missouri

MOWW #13 --- Turcot Interchange, Trans-Canada Highway Montreal, Quebec, Canada  (Photograph by Guni Graham) Print by Larry Stark MOWW #14 --- I-94, I-35, Minneapolis, Minnesota MOWW #15 --- Major Deegan Expressway, I-95, New York MOWW #16 --- I-94, I-794, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

MOWW #17 --- I-280, San Mateo, California MOWW #18 --- I-94, I-35, Minneapolis, Minnesota MOWW #19 --- Thousand Islands Bridge, I-81, New York-Ontario

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