Maps for proposed exhibit
"You CAN Get There From Here"

In the 1970s I started saving maps people created to show me how to get from one place to another. The plan was to use them someday in a book or an exhibit. That day has arrived. I have since asked more people to either create maps for this project or loan maps that already exist. Therefore, some of these maps were made for the purpose of directing someone from one place to another while others were made as Art. Some fall in both categories

Maps have to be as old as cave drawings. Some are like children's art while others are sophisticated.

Here is the exhibit as it currently stands:

Magnus (Bud) and Cathleen Berglund, 2004

Bud is a writer, photographer and humorist in Amador City, CA. This is a map to their summer cabin on Silver Lake.

Cathleen Berglund, 2004

Cathleen is an artist-painter in Amador City, CA. She and her husband, Magnus spend most of the summertime at their cottage in the mountains on Silver Lake.

Peter Carlsen, 2005

Peter attended the 40th year reunion at University Labatory High School in Iowa City in 2004, where his classmate, Carolyn, gave him this map to her farm house.

Spelman Evans Downer, 1990

Evans is an artist and college teacher in Vucca Valley California who spends his summers in Copper Landing Alaska working as a part time fishing guide on the Kenai River. Maps have been a subject for his paintings for a long time. This is an envelope made from a geological survey map.

Lori Chilefone, 2005

Lori is known for enjoying the art of recycling old printed material. Here is a map to one of her favorite swimming spots along Otter Creek in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where she lives with her husband Zeus and their daughters Athena and Sabine.

John Coy, 2004

John writes childrenís books in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is how to get from the Ondo Dondo Farm in Wisconsin to the Signature Cafe near his house.

Nan Morgan, 2004

Nan is a graphic designer who works at home while mothering four boys. This is how to get from their house in Prairie Village, KS to their friends Doug and Amy's greenhouse south of Lawrence, KS.

Amy Albright, 2005

Amy and her husband, Doug own and operate the Vinland Valley Nursery south of Lawremce, KS. This map shows how to get from the nursery to the University of Kansas.

Steve Goddard, Don't know when.

To his house south of Lawrence KS

Steve Goddard, 2004

Steve lives in Lawrence, KS. This is how to get from Lawrence to see his friend Drew at the Chazen Museum of Art in Madison, WI.

Drew Stevens, 2005

Drew is the curator of Prints, Drawings and Photographs at the Chazen Museum of Art in Madison WI. This is the map of how to get to see his friend Bill at the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art in Manahattan KS.

Bill North, 2004

First part

Bill is Senior Curator at the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art in Manhattan KS, This is how to get to see his friend Steve at the Spencer Museum of Art in Lawrence, KS A note about the map, though you cannot read it at this resolution, The directions written on the map were acquired by a search on MapQuest. Next they were processed with MapQuest's language translater from English to Greek to German back to English. Here they are:

Start out going South on N 14TH ST toward POYNTZ AVE.
Stay straight to go onto KS-177/KS-18. Continue to follow KS-177 S.
Merge onto I-70 E (Portions toll).
Take the exit- exit number 202- toward US-59 S/WEST LAWRENCE.
Merge onto S MCDONALD DR (Portions toll).
Take the US-59 S ramp.
Stay straight to go onto US-59/IOWA ST.
Turn LEFT onto W 9TH ST.

The beginning goes outside southernly to n 14$os STR. too POYNTZAVE.
Turn, Above in the PIERRE STR. ONE LEAVES.
Previous evening for goes it on straight lines straight lines on ks -177/Ks - 18. Continue the following ks - 177 s.
Fusion procedure at I - 70 e (tax of the parts).
Take the exit - you come from NR. 202 to the USA - 59s/WESTLAWRENCE.
Fusion procedure above in the Dr of s MCDONALD (tax of the parts).
Kekljme'ni the ramp the USA takes - 59 s.
Previous evening for goes it straight lines straight lines on the USA- to 59/ onIOWA STR.
Turn, Above in the W 9. STR. ONE LEAVES.
QUITE of the revolution above in s MISSISSIPPI STR.

Bill North, 2004

Second part

Karen Klein, 2005

Karen is an artist in Detroit, MI who works with watercolors and color pencils. When she visits her son, Arno in Brooklyn, this is her route.

Barrett Klein, 1980ish

Barrett made this map while studying for a 6th grade exam. He lives in Austin, TX where he is currently working on his doctorate in Entomology. He is the son of artist Karen Klein.

Jim McLean, 1996

Jim was an architect in Treasure Island, FL, before he passed away in 2003. This is a composit of his invitation to the 1996 Treasure Island Christmas Boat Parade.

Earl Newman, 2005

Earl is an artist-designer and silk-screen printmaker in Summit, OR. Earl has created all the posters for the Monterey Jazz Festival since it began. This is how to get to his home and studio.

Elliot Silberman, 2005

Elliot is an artist and muscian who lives in Duluth, MN. He also organizes and produces Duluthís annual jug band competition on the Sunday before Memorial day. This map is of the Lester River on the edge of town.

Jerry Wilkerson, 2005

Jerry is an artist-painter and printmaker, in St Louis, MO. Originally he is from Texas. This is where to get a hamburger in St Louis.

Jerry Wilkerson, 2005


Leslie Miller, 2005

Leslie is a photographer-collagist who has lived in Northern Virginia and Alabama. She is currently living in St Louis, MO. This map is a response to the weather in 2005, like hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Christopher C Cook, 1977

Chris was the director of the Addison Gallery of American Art at Phillips Academy in Andover MA when he made this map to Legal Sea Food, a restaurant in the Boston area. He is currently retired and works as an artist in Portsmouth, NH.

Trigger Cook, 2007

Trigger lives in York ME. He found this map on the side of the road.

Brian Warling, 2001

Brian is a photographer in Chicago, IL. This is a map of how to get from his studio to Francine Goutguechonís photography studio, also in Chicago, IL.

Scotty West, 2004

Scotty is an artist, musician and teacher living on Cape Cod. He has always been fascinated by maps and charts. After years of making hand drawn maps for friends, he has taken it to the next level by creating this computer map tool using Adobe Illustrator. Maps can be easily made by dragging, dropping and manipulating the icons in this key.

Scotty West, 2005

Using his computer map making tool he created in Adobe Illustrator, Scotty made this map. It provides directions from his studio on Cape Cod to his girlfriend Kathy's apartment in New Bedford, MA. It was provided to family and friends so they could attend a college graduation party for her son Kal.

Walter Olmstead, 1990ís

Walter is a financial advisor in Ludington, MI. These maps are to three of his clientís homes.

Fred Covert, 1990's

Fred lived in Yamassee South Carolina in 1991. This map was made to show someone where they were going to fish on the Combahee River.

Dr Robert Jenkins, 2005

Bob is an ichthyologist who teaches biology at Roanoke College in Salem, VA. This map is to Town Creek where there are Roanoke Bass, a game species unique to parts of North Carolina and Virginia. It is also to a place on the Smith River where you can catch wild Brown Trout.

Anonymous, 1970s

Created in a St Louis, MO restaurant. From the map collection of Larry Stark.

Bob Watel, 2005

Bob is an architect, architectural render and watercolor artist in St Louis, MO. This was made by his friends. I will up date this later.

Bob Watel, 2005

Bob is an architect, architectural render and watercolor artist in St Louis, MO. This is how to get from a Kirkwood Restaurant to the Sheldon Performing Arts Center Galleries in St Louis, MO.

John Terry, 200?

John Terry is an artist who lives in St. Louis, MO. This is how to get from St Louis, MO to the family condo in Florida.

Bob and Martha Hamblin, 2004

This is how to get to their greenhouse.

Curt Strasburg, 2007

This is also in Augusta-It shows the Troubled Waters Bridge and a couple places which he has heard are good ice fishing spots.

Mike Davis, 2005

Mike is a naturalist working for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in Lake City Minnesota. Mike is an advocate of breaching all the locks and dams on the Mississippi River. In his spare time he found this Raccoon den.

Terry Karson and Sara Mast, 1995?

Visual artists in Bozeman, MT. Created for their wedding. Apparently lots of people got lost.

Someone in Joe or Stacy Fonder's family. 2007

It shows how to get to Joe and Stacy's wedding reception

Matt Blue, 2004

Matt is a commerical airline pilot stationed in Philadelphia, PA. When he wanted his car driven home to Wisconsin, the driver was given this map-how to get from the terminal to the car via airport employee bus service.

Steve Krug, 2004

Steve is an environmental energy consultant living in New Auburn, Wi. When asked for a map to his boat in the Florida Keys, this is what we received.

David Etinier, 2005

David is the ichthyologist who discovered the Snail Darter. He is a retired professor at the University of Tennessee. For many years, he and his wife, Liz have spent their summers on the Canadian side of Lake Saganaga, north of Lake Superior.

Bert Spangler, 1990ís

Bert is retired in Eau Claire, WI. He made this map for Larry Glenn, who has been saving it for several years. It represents how to get from the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire to the University of Wisconsin in La Crosse.

Peter Provost, 2004

Peter was the Director of the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center in Wisconsin when he drew this map. He now lives in Duluth, works in the private sector and probably fishes in the Lester River.

Jim Byerly, 2004

Jim is a librarian in Saint Paul, MN. He lives in North Saint Paul. This is his view of the world around him.

David Marty, 2005

David is the Director of the Myles Reif Art Center, Grand Rapids, MN. This is a map of how to get to the art center once you arrive in Grand Rapids.

Larry Stark, 2005

Larry, who lives in Augusta, WI, is a photographer/printmaker and the organizer of this exhibit.

Larry Stark, 2004

Larry started saving maps while he was traveling in the 1970's. This is a composite of some of those maps-made from the 1970's through 2004.

Rick Rados, 1998

Rick is a retired architect in Tampa, FL. He curently teaches architecture part time at the University of Southern Florida. This is a map of how to get from his residence in 1998 to where his office was that year.

Bob Levine, 2003

Bob owns and operates a software company in Roseville, CA. This is a map of how to get from his house to the town of Sutter Creek, CA

Anonymous, 1977

This map is how to get to someone's residence in Detroit, MI

Jerry Cohn 2005

Marjorie B. Cohn is the Carl A. Weyerhaeuser Curator of Prints, Emerita, Harvard Unitersity Art Museums. This is a map of her garden.

Jerry Tovo 2005

Jerry is a photographer in St Louis Missouri. He found this map in an antique shop. It was printed in 1943 by the US Department of War to be carried by pilots flying over China. Side One

Side Two

Paul Kaldjian, 1998

Paul is an Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire Wisconsin. He made this map for his wife, Meg when they were in Istanbul.

Paul assigned an extra credit project in one of his classes. The students were asked to make a map of how to get to one of their favorite places. These are some of the maps. I don't yet have the correct names of the creators of these maps. I will add that information as I receive it from Paul.

Katrina Murry, 2005

Katrina is a student at the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire. Whenever she has the time, she works as a waitress at the Hometown Cafe in Rio, WI. It is her favorite place.

Korah Petrasko, 2005

Korah is a student at the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire. She runs cross country for the Blugolds and this is one of her favorite cross country courses back home in Appleton, WI.

Sarah Fisher, 2005

Sarah has lived in North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin. She is currently double-majoring in Economics and Spanish at the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire. We are not sure which house/mail box is represented here.

Terry Timm

Terry works as a carpenter. This is his map from the small town of Lund, Wisconsin to a nearby farm that makes and sells pizzas (only on Tuesdays).

Aaron Stark, 2005

Made by Aaron Stark to show his son, Jay how to get to his aunt Aphrodite's house.

Troy Campbell

Troy works the city desk at a contractor supply house in Eau Claire Wisconsin. Troy was showing a customer how to get to a piece of property near his new house.

Ed Bydalek, 2005

Ed is a Graphic Designer, Inventor and part time Philosopher who lived in St Louis MO. He did not make a map before he passed away.

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