On June 13th, 2003, the day one of my grand daughters was born, I caught a Rio Grande Cutthroat in New Mexico. I have now fished all 50 states. I call this project, Fishing America-A Work of Art.


Fishing America Stories

The following prints (some silkscreen and some inkjet) are from the Fishing America series in which there is one (or more) print/s representing each state:

Florida-Butterfly Peacock Bass Colorado-Private Road Idaho-Enchanted Forest Florida-Alternate not part of exhibition-Grouper California-Summer Cottage Texas-Guadalupe Oklahoma-Red Stringer White Bass

Rhode Island-Fish Tails Nevada-Lahontan Cutthroat Utah-Bear Lake Cisco and a Bonneville Whitefish Wisconsin-Cresent Lake Trail Mississippi-Shrimp Boats are Coming

Oregon-Chief Joseph Slept Here Wyoming-Queen Elizabeth Ate Lunch Here Vermont-Prelude to a Fish South Carolina-Early Morning Fog Alabama-Fishing Pier

Washington-Dungness Crabs Iowa-Bluegill Arkansas-Ditch Lake Minnesota-Untitled (Work in Process) North Carolina-Dock

New Mexico-Rio Grande Cutthroat Georgia-West Branch Log Alaska-Turquoise Bend Alaska-Alternate-Not part of Exhibition-Brother Larry's Fish Connecticut-Fly Rod and River Bank

Arizona-Near Christmas Tree Lake Montana-Fish Eye Maine-Lily Pads West Virginia-Water Over the Rocks Kentucky-Lock and Dam

Kansas-Drunk in the water with Friends Massachusetts-First Cast Michigan-Still Dreamin Virginia-Bob Fished I Photographed Hawaii-Ballon Fish

Delaware-Dam! Ohio-Walleye R Us Nebraska-Shovelnose Sturgeon North Dakota-Lake Sacagawea Illinois-Hill Next to Carp pond

Pennsylvania-Post Card Picture Perfect! New York-Eel New Jersey-Fishing Pole and Piling South Dakota-Lake Oahe Maryland-Cold Day in May

New Hampshire-Pickerel on Ice Louisiana-Professor Long Ear Missouri-Photo by Kip Ruhl Indiana-Redear Sunfish Tennessee-Snail the Snail Darter Eats

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