Images from on or near our farm
Rainy Day Trail Redwoods Southwest Wash Southwest Wash #2

Farm Field Farm Field #2 Oak Tree by Highway 12

US Highway 12, Idaho Clearwater Valley Columbia River Ranch Deer Stand

View From Cathy's Living Room Fallen Leaves

Fall Creek Pond St Croix Island Last Fishing Trip of 2009 Pine Lake Portsmouth Rain

Mountain Tree Beech Tree Autumn Aspen Janus Forked Tree SassafrasTrees

North Dakota Sunflowers Russian Olives For Bev's Bunk House

Forest Edge Cow Creek Burnt Trees On The Way To Door County Ondo Dondo Woods 1 Ondo Dondo Woods 2

Bearded Cedar Tree and Wood Tree on Rock 1 Twisted Tree

Florida Pond Palmetto Florida Sunset

Pacific Coast Purple Sunset Thunder Mountain Sunset

Cactus Desert One Desert Two Log Fence

Reeds River Bay Yellowstone Riverscape Dunes

Lochsa Riverscape  Bitterroot National Forest Along the Lewis and Clark Trail Treescape

Steve Says 'Its a Butte' Hay Eh? White Mountain Apache Reservation Cottonwood Sunrise

Cows and Corn Stony Point Barn Field of Cows Red Barn and Dead Tree

Autumn #1 Autumn #2 Autumn #3 Autumn #4

Trees with Snow 1 Trees with Snow 2 Cascade Scape Winter #1 Winter #2

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