The following are links, to my friends and/or business partners

Avalon Ballroom Posters

Art Institute of Chicago Archives

Dana Paxson A friend since grade school.

DuckboyŽ Cards, Inc. Paul and I fished together in Montana.

Elliot Silberman (de Elliot Brothers)We too fish together.

Rurik's Drawings and air brush paintings Rurik and I lived in the same artist co-op.

Livermore Road as seen by Jim ByerlyJim and Karen came to the Ondo Dondo Real Thought Farm Jam on the Dam in 2003. Jim got up early on Sunday and went photographing the Amish neighborhood.

Summer Issue of "Michigan Today"About the Fishing America project

Jerry WilkersonA friend for years

Gene and Carlie Hamilton Artist friends in Iowa

(A complete collection of my silkscreen prints on paper and some on canvas)

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