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Barbara Benson and I married in January of 1961 and we have 5 children: Marc Benson, Aaron Jay, Aphrodite, Isis Athena and Buffalo Zeus. We have 9 grandchildren. The oldest turned 26 in December, 2012. We had a dog named Joe, but he died in 2011. We now get Zeus and Lori's dog, Freda, on weekends. Our house is unfinished and it will always be un-finished. The zoning commissioner where we used to live in Minnesota recently asked in an email if we ever lived in a finished house. "Years ago when we rented."

Our house:

View from Artist's Living Room

Most of our neighbors are Amish.

But not all of them are Amish.

Ondo Dondo Monuments (since gone).

Pond After the Amish removed some ice for their ice boxes
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